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Joint University Campaign 2019 - UNIfy: BYO (八大BYO)

Joint University Campaign 2019 - UNIfy: BYO (八大BYO)

Following the success of the campaign last year "UNIfy: Skip the Straw" (八大走飲管), the eight member universities decided to continue with the collective campaign to once again actualize the beauty and power of synergy. 

To further extend the determination to develop a green and healthy community by reducing waste at source, the Joint-U Campaign 2019 - UNIfy: BYO (大BYO) will be officially launched in March 2019 to engage campus community members to take BYO actions to reduce disposable waste by bringing their own reusable (water bottles, cups, food containers, cutlery, bags etc.) as to meet their needs and own preference. 

In addition, each university will have their student ambassadors to share with you BYO tips and interesting trivia via social media and even in person on campuses. We proudly present to you the promo below for this grand yearly campaign. Enjoy!


BYO Week

To celebrate the launch of the campaign all eight universities are holding a BYO Week during the week of March 11-17. Throughout this week, catering outlets on campuses will offer special discount or incentives to promote BYO actions. In addition, staff and students are encouraged to make a pledge online to support the campaign and more importantly, to initiate BYO habits!

 Let's make a pledge!
Step up and be a change maker!

* Step 1: enter event code #UNIFYBYO
* Step 2: answer a simple MC question
You may visit the page again to edit the submitted response (if you wish to).

Special Offers Provided by On Campus Catering Outlets

See the list below for the special offers given by the caterers in each university to promote BYO culture. Come join us to BYO and don't miss the offers! 


BYO Item

Catering Outlet

Special Offer


City Express (Deli Plus)

AC2 Canteen & AC3 Bistro

CMCAFE, Garden Cafe & Coffee Cart

Homey Kitchen

City Express, AC2 Canteen, AC3 Bistro, CMCAFE,
Garden Cafe

City Chinese Restaurant & City Top

Homey Kitchen

10 stamps = 1 free drink

$1 discount for coffee

Free upgrade for cold drinks (face price = $2)                               

$0.5 discount for drinks

$1 discount for non-pre-packaged food items                                                                                                                                                                                                

$2 discount for to go orders                                                     

$0.5 discount for non-pre-packaged food items


Pacific Coffee

BU Fiesta

Harmony Cafeteria, Main Canteen, Renfrew Cafeteria & Renfrew Restaurant

YM Cafe

Bistro Bon

Free drink size upgrade

Free drink size upgrade (+20%)

$2 discount for takeaway                                                                                                                                              

2 shumai for free (when buying designated snacks)

Get a stamp for BYO bag & cutlery for takeaway food order

5 stamps = 50% off lunch set

(Click HERE for details)


Main Canteen

Get a free soft drink when BYO containers for takeaway food orders

*Please BYO cups/bottles for redemption of free drinks*


Morningside College Café

Café 330

Lee Shau Kee Building Coffee Shop

Benjamin Franklin Centre Vegetarian Food Shop

Canteen of S.H. Ho College (with Café)

$2 discount for beverage orders

$1 discount for beverage orders

$0.5 discount for food or beverage orders                            

1 stamp per meal for BYO the full set of items;

28 stamps for 1 free meal ($28)

$1 discount for BYO full set of items

(Click HERE for details)



$1 discount for BYO boxes/mugs for takeaway


LibCafe, H Cafe, 
V Cafe & Z Cafe

Buy 1 get 1 free for 8 or 12oz handcrafted beverage when BYO mug/cup

***Offer to be provided on 8 & 15 Mar (2 Fridays)

(3 - 5:30pm) only***


Passion, Canteen  II, 
APC, GRB, MF, Seafront & Temporary Food Booth (LTE)

$2 discount for takeaway

(click HERE for details)


CYMAC Restaurant &
Café 330


Subway (both locations)

Starbucks (both locations)                  


EAT, Mein Bowl, OBC Grill, Pan Asian strEAT Food, Social Kitchen (Ho Tim Hall, JCSVIIR, Bay View) & Dockside Restaurant



FSCAC Restaurant

All participating catering outlets

$1 discount for takeaway beverage orders. Cup Lending Service for takeaway drinks at Café 330 only. 

$2 discount for takeaway beverage orders

$0.5 discount for freshly made beverage

40% off to all HKU staff/students when purchase selected tumbler or mug during the campaign. 

$4 discount for takeaway breakfast set/ afternoon set

$2 discount for takeaway meal set

$4 discount for a la carte moyen/ grand size drink or a la carte food (limited to sandwich/ pasta/ rice/ salad)

$0.5 discount for BYO containers (max $0.5 off per transaction)

$1 discount for takeaway food orders

$0.5 discount for takeaway beverage items

Disposable cutlery and plastic bags will be offered upon request only .

Campaign Events
As part of the campaign, outreach events will be held across the universities.




March 4 

Let Your Fashion be Reborn - Sharing Session


March 4-6

WWF Solar Mobile Cafe@PolyU


March 4-15

WWF Earth Hour 2019 Exhibition & PolyU Green Campus Exhibition 


March 7

Breathing Room - Screening and sharing


March 11-12

Water Exhibition and Experiment


March 11-14

WWF Solar Mobile Cafe x Science Unit: Free Coffee for BYO!


March 12-13

BYO Market


March 13

'Zero-Waste' Workshop

2018 SO Green! Award Presentation 

Disco Soup Prequel: Veggie Rescue


March 13-14

BYO Promotion Booth "Breakup with Disposables"


March 14

Disco Soup Giveaway

Plastic Ocean Screening and Panel Discussion

Waste Sorting and Clean Recycling Workshop

Voyage to 'A Plastic Ocean' - Screening and sharing





March 19 - 25

National Geographic x HKUST Planet or Plastic Photo Exhibition


March 25 - 29

Water for Free Exhibition


March - April

Plastic, Plastic everywhere Art Exhibition


April 11

Making Zero Impact Fashionable


April 13

'Plastic China' and 'Start Small, Start Now': Screening and Forum



 Ms. Mei CHAN Ms. Maegan COWAN