In 2020, HKSCC developed a strategic plan for the eight UGC-funded universities to situate the consortium as a leading platform for sustainability in Hong Kong.  Following the adoption of the strategic plan, a new set of initiatives to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #12: Responsible Consumption and Production amongst the eight campus communities was developed.

Jockey Club Sustainable Campus Consumer Programme (the programme) was officially launched in 2021. With the funding from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the programme will work around three core focus areas:

(1)    Responsible Choices

(2)    Responsible Consumption

(3)    Responsible Consumer Activism

Implementation of campus improvement (installation of electricity meters, behaviour-activated showerheads and takeaway container borrowing programme) and education initiatives (Sustainable Campus Leadership Programme, Zero Waste Workshop, etc) will be introduced on the eight campuses.

By sharing project design and implementation resources, the programme will leverage the impacts of individual Consortium members by providing a multiplier effect, generating greater collective outcomes than the sum of the same work done individually. The collaboration will generate the distinctive benefit of being able to analyze the impacts over the various campuses, allowing us a unique ability to disaggregate the specific results and identify the features that are most effective across different campus settings.

Finally, the project intends to package the results in ways that are sharable and expandable for other schools, stakeholder groups, and entities in Hong Kong. The packaging of the deliverables, with usable graphic features, FAQs, starter guides, and implementation recommendations, will create an accelerator effect across our region.

Participating Universities – (Member Universities of Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium (HKSCC):

-          Hong Kong Baptist University

-          City University of Hong Kong

-          Lingnan University

-          The Chinese University of Hong Kong

-          The Education University of Hong Kong

-          The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

-          The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

-          The University of Hong Kong

For details, please refer to the programme website.

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General Programme Enquiries:

Ms Skiee Hui

Tel: 3469 3125



Technical Enquiries:

Mr Michael Lee

Tel: 3469 2073



Campaign-related Enquiries:

Miss Charly Cheung

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