UNIfy: Sustainable Living #New Normal Edition - Week 4


Event 5

Smart Recycling


To accelerate smart city development, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) launched a pilot Smart Recycling System. The EPD is progressively introducing smart recycling facilities in the community and assessing the local application of the system. An EPD representative will share how the new community recycling network works, and how smart technology is being used to encourage public participation in waste reduction and recycling. Don't miss the talk if you are interested in #SmartCity and #SmartRecycling!

為配合智慧城市的發展,環境保護署(環保署)推出智能回收系統先導計劃,分階段於社區增設智能回收設施,試驗系統在本地應用的情況。是次的講座中,環保署將與大家介紹此社區回收網絡及如何應用智能技術鼓勵公眾參與減廢回收活動。對 資源循環 與 智慧城市 有興趣的你,萬勿錯過!

Date: 24.3.2021 (Wed) |5:00–6:00pm

Language: English

Speaker: Dr. Pattie Lui, Environmental Protection Officer, EPD

Online registration: https://bit.ly/2NSzXxy


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